The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been agreed by Pine Court, as they cover the service areas of most importance to the tenants.

They are a vital part of measuring performance, they allow us to monitor our services and ensure that a consistent level of quality is maintained.

Each KPI has a target which Pine Court intends to meet by the end of the year, and can be seen as a red line on each of the graphs which are featured on this page. They are updated on a monthly basis, so please return to this page to view the latest updates.

The primary KPI’s on this page are based on the topics most important to our tenants, but we also monitor performance for all areas of the business, including dealing with customer complaints within target timescales (for example).

Average number of days to complete a repair (target = 5 days)

% PCHA properties with a gas safety certificate (target = 100%)

% of tenants satisfied with repairs (target = 95%)

Rent arrears of current tenants as a proportion of the rent roll (target = 2.0%)

Rent collected as a proportion of rent available (target = 99.0%)

Average number of days to re-let a void property (target = 12 days)

% of lettings to ethnic minority tenants (target = 50%)

% of void property turnover rate (cumulative) (year-end target = 6.0%)

% of rent lost due to void properties (target = 0.39%)

% of dwellings meeting the Decent Homes Standard (target = 100%)