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STAR survey results – reveals customer satisfaction with our services

This year (2014/15) we undertook our third customer satisfaction survey (the STAR survey), to understand how satisfied you are with our services, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

Since the 2013/14 survey, the levels of Customer Satisfaction have increased in the following areas:

  • Satisfaction with the overall service provided by Pine Court – from 85% to 88%
  • Satisfaction with the overall quality of your home – from 79% to 85%
  • Satisfaction that your rent provides value for money – from 78% to 81%
  • Satisfaction that service charges provide value for money – from 68% to 72%
  • Satisfaction with the way Pine Court deals with repairs and maintenance – from 82% to 89%
  • Satisfaction that Pine Court listens to your views and acts upon them – from 75% to 80%

The key areas for improvement have been identified as:  Anti-Social Behaviour and Complaints.

We will be holding Focus Groups to better understand any issues or ways we can make further improvements to the services we provide.

See the full STAR survey report here:

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