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Customer Satisfaction at 98.4%

Customer satisfaction with the services provided by Pine Court was extremely high during 2014/15, with 98.4% of the customer’s we surveyed saying that they were satisfied overall.

This figure was an accumulated result from all our satisfaction surveys, with some of the highlights detailed below:

  • 100% of Pine Court customers were satisfied with their Gas Service during 2014/15.
  • 100% of customers were satisfied with adaptations to their property.
  • 97% were satisfied with Gas Repairs, significantly higher than the 2013/14 figure of 93%!
  • Satisfaction with Day to Day Repairs was 99% in 2014/15, higher than the previous year, which was 96%.
  • 99% were satisfied with the Home Improvement works undertaken on their property.
  • 94% of tenants were satisfied with the Pine Court lettings process.
  • 100% were satisfied with the way their ASB case was handled.

We’d like to thank everyone who was surveyed during 2014/15, your feedback helps to improve the service we provide.

In addition to our satisfaction surveys, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the other ways that you can get in touch with us. You can…

Make a comment about the service you have received.

A suggestion on how we can improve our services.

 A complaint, if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

You can call do by visiting our website, calling us on 0151 709 6878, telling a member of our staff, or e-mailing us on

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