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‘Arts for Health’ at Chung Hok House

Residents of Chung Hok House have been taking part in an art project that will be displayed during the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations.

Developed by The Sound Agents and funded by Pine Court’s Community Development Fund, ‘Arts for Health’ provides arts activities to prevent and alleviate health problems and combat loneliness.

Having previously collaborated with Chung Hok residents on other art projects, The Sound Agents put together ‘Arts for Health’ to address the clear need for people to spend time with each other in a happy setting using arts as a tool for bringing people together.

During the course of workshops The Sound Agents have been photographing and sketching the residents to produce works which will be included in the exhibition at The Black-E.

The exhibition will form part of the Year of the Rat celebrations in Chinatown.

View our full gallery here.

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