Our Net-zero Carbon Commitment

As part of The Sovini Group, our Environmental Strategy and Net-zero Carbon Commitment campaign is now in action to reduce the Group’s environmental impact.

Our collaborative Group approach is designed to improve the wellbeing of our customers, colleagues, clients, communities and beyond.

Decisive action to tackle our carbon footprint has been taken by the Group, with our goal being to achieve net zero emissions. Yes, we’re in the race too!

To accelerate action, we’ve invested resource and funds, and will continue to do so, to deliver our net zero vision.

Net zero is certainly a ‘hot topic’ and high on many agendas across the UK and wider, but why? Discover more below.

Climate change explained

Scientific research and evidence show that earth is becoming increasingly hotter. In fact, records show that 2015 to 2018 were our warmest four years to date!

In addition, if recent trends continue, the negative effects of climate change are set to continue and increase. You may already be aware of some of the effects of climate change, from adverse weather conditions (heatwaves and floods) to loss of polar ice and rising sea levels.

The causes

It is globally recognised by leading scientists and governments that climate change is linked to the increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It’s widely known that some gases cause a greenhouse effect which heats up the earth’s surface, and the air above it too!

Carbon dioxide is widely recognised as the most dangerous greenhouse gas, which is why cutting carbon emissions and our carbon footprint is high on the agenda.

How to join our Net-Zero Carbon Commitment

  • If you are a Pine Court Housing Association customer, we’ll be providing regular updates on our progress via social media, customer newsletters and on our website too.

    You’ll be able to discover information on EPC ratings and how you, personally can go ‘green’. We’ll be providing unique opportunities, from our customers opting in to trial the latest home heating systems to becoming an involved tenant, helping steer our ‘Net-Zero Carbon Commitment’ vision.

  • We actively encourage our suppliers to join our net-zero carbon vision and adopt a sustainable approach to business. We’ll be providing seminars and sharing best practice, as we not only aim to reduce our carbon emissions but those of our supply chain too. For more information contact our Procurement Team: procurement@sovini.co.uk

  • If you are an organisation or community group across the North West, who seeks advice and guidance in reducing your carbon output, we can support your vision. For more information email mac@sovini.co.uk 

  • Our colleagues are already adopting a proactive approach to cutting our carbon emissions and fully back our Changing Climates campaign. Our dedicated employee OurSpace app provides colleagues with the latest advice, guidance and best practice. The Group’s employees are learning how to cut their carbon footprint in the workplace, wherever that may be!