Customer Empowerment Panel

We provide our customers with plenty of opportunities to get involved and help to shape, influence and improve the services we deliver.

“I really enjoy being part of the Customer Empowerment Panel, our opinions are valued and have a positive impact on the services we receive.” – Pam

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  • This involves the least amount of time but still provides us with lots of useful information. 

    Meetings and events

    Get involved by coming along to our local customer meetings or events.


    Organised by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, walkabouts take place regularly with Residents’ Groups in certain areas to highlight issues and agree solutions.

    If these don’t happen in your area and you want to start them up, please let us know! 

    Hot Topic Groups

    Burning issues – if there is an issue in your neighbourhood that we need to know about then gather a few neighbours together and we will come and visit to try and work through your issues and give you a voice.

    Customer Feedback & Surveys

    The simplest way to get involved is to give us your views by completing surveys. You can also give us complaints, suggestions and compliments

    A simple phone call, letter, email or conversation with one of our staff to tell us what we’re doing well or what we could do better can really make a difference. 

    Community Development Fund Panel

    Our Community Development Fund is distributed to local volunteering and community groups that could benefit from funding to reach its goals.

    We have a £10,000 fund available to support projects across the Liverpool City Region and beyond that to contribute to our vision for thriving, inclusive communities.

  • This involves a moderate amount of time and provides a medium level of influence. 

    Tenant Policy Review Group

    Periodic meetings as required with customer representatives to review our policies, including: 

    • Input into policy development and review process
    • Proofread all customer facing policies

    No formal training is required.

    Independent Tenants Panel (Complaints) 

    Meetings of trained panel members independently review complaints that have gone through our internal complaints process, at complainant’s request. 

    The panel acts as intermediaries between complainants and Pine Court Housing Association (PCHA), can re-investigate complaints and responses from PCHA where the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome (from two-stage internal investigation process).

    The panel can also make recommendations for alternative course of action or may agree with PCHA’s response.

  • This level of involvement means you will be dedicating several hours of your time each month; with the highest level of influence including:

    Board Membership

    Interview and selection criteria based on skills and experience for any vacancies that arise in paid positions for General Board Members – (note there are no longer nominated positions for Tenant Members). 

    Regular attendance at Board meetings, training events and away-days.

    Adherence to the adopted Governance Framework, Company Rules and Board Code of Conduct documentation.

    Scrutiny Team

    This team is made up of customers and involves scrutinising and examining PCHA’s services to ensure all tenants are getting the best service. This team also plays an important role by contributing towards major decisions.

    Tenant Inspectors

    These customers can be called in to inspect and review any area of the business that might need looking at and make recommendations on how to improve it.

    Service Review Group

    Service Review Group (SRG) looks in detail at our business areas including Customers, Neighbourhoods, and Repairs and Maintenance. This group helps us shape, influence and improve the services we deliver. The SRG has approximately 10 to 12 members who meet every three months to talk about how we are performing and how we can improve.

    Brand Group

    A group of tenants who review our newsletters, reports, and leaflets prior to publication to proofread and give approval before they are circulated to all customers

If you are interested in joining our Customer Empowerment Panel, please contact us.