Report a repair

As your landlord, it is our priority to ensure all customers have access to good quality affordable homes that are fit for the future. On occasion you may need to us to conduct a repair in your home – we promise to complete these quickly and to a good standard. Take a look at our helpful guide to repairs, including the types of repairs you are responsible for.

  • An example of emergency repairs can include:

    • Unsafe electrical sockets or fittings
    • Total loss of heating in cold weather
    • Blockage of your only toilet
    • Blocked drain with sewage overflow
    • Burst water pipe where the resident is unable to control or isolate the water supply
    • Severe roof leak
    • Total loss of water supply
    • Minor water leak which cannot be contained and is likely to cause damage
    • Loose or falling brickwork/concrete likely to cause injury or damage
    • Boarding up a broken door or window
    • Loss of keys (if you have home contents insurance, this may be covered in your policy – if not you will need to pay for the cost of us gaining entry to your home and replacing the locks)

    Need to report an emergency repair? Please call us immediately on 0151 709 6878.

  • An example of non-emergency repairs can include minor problems with toilets, baths, sinks, doors, sticking or broken windows (where your home is still secure), plaster repairs, tiling and brickwork.

    Need to report a repair? Please contact us and provide as much information as you can – this will help us to complete your repair quickly and during one visit, wherever possible.


  • We promise to complete repairs quickly and to a good standard in line with the service standards outlined in our Repairs, Maintenance and Planned Works Policy.

    • Emergency repairs – we will complete emergency or ‘make safe’ (prevention of further damage and/or risk) works within 24 hours of your report.
    • Urgent repairs – we will respond to and complete urgent works within five working days, or seven calendar days of your report.
    • Routine repairs – we will respond to, and complete routine works within 20 working days, or 28 calendar days of your report.
    • Manufactured item and small project repairs – we will aim to complete works as soon as possible where manufactured parts are required, or for any other reason works cannot be completed within 20 working days, or 28 calendar days of your report. We will keep you informed of estimated timescales to complete your repair.
  • As our customer, you are responsible for:

    • Keeping your home in a reasonable condition
    • Providing adequate descriptions when reporting repairs
    • Granting reasonable access to operatives working on behalf of us to carry out repairs
    • Gardening
    • Repair or replacement of floor coverings
    • Internal decorations and decorative features such as architraves, picture rails, internal glazing, minor cracks or uneven surfaces to internal plastering work
    • Accessory items including – light bulbs, wash basin and bath, plugs, toilet seats, metre cupboard keys, radiator keys, curtain rails/blinds
    • Replacing damaged or lost keys, adding additional locks
    • Managing infestations (i.e. insects, rodents, bees and wasps)
    • Unblocking of sinks/toilets due to misuse
    • Prevent and controlling condensation

    We rely on you to report repairs as soon as possible, and to provide access to our operatives to ensure that the repair can be completed within our agreed timescales.

  • Although we are responsible for most major structural repairs to our properties, some are the responsibility of the customer.

    These are usually caused by damage or negligence and are called ‘rechargeable repairs’ and so the customers will be liable to pay for the repair work.

  • Homes across the UK commonly have three plumbing systems – potable water, sanitary and stormwater drainage. Some of these systems equate to over 65 metres of pipe, which is the same as six telephone poles.

    With pipes hidden away from view inside your home and under the ground, it’s important to know who is responsible for their upkeep, including you!

    Who is responsible for pipes, gutters, and drains?

    Pipes, gutters, and drains in and around your home remain your responsibility, including drains within the boundary of your property.

    Shared drains are common in apartments, terraces, and semi-detached homes. If your drain meets together with a neighbour’s, before it reaches the public sewer, this will be United Utilities responsibility.

    Who is responsible for public sewers?

    United Utilities are responsible for large public sewers that take wastage and rainwater run-off to specialist treatment centres, including the waste from your home.

    Who is responsible for road gutters/gullies?

    Your local council is responsible for the small grate-covered openings (road gullies) at the edge of roads. If you are worried about a potential blockage, find out who your local authority is online and contact them.

Please contact us for more support on reporting repairs.