Pine Court Housing Association’s Customer Empowerment Panel (CEP) was set up in April 2013, and currently has 10 members.

Each month the volunteers meet to share their ideas and insight regarding the different services delivered by Pine Court; in order to identify and improve any areas of weakness.

CEP members have been provided with training to help them better understand Customer Empowerment and Scrutiny.

Using this knowledge the group has already reviewed the Pine Court Tenant Handbook, newsletter, website, and the organisation’s governing strategy. And a number of changes have been made as a result; from tweaking the layout and content of the newsletter, to the creation of a brand new website.

The CEP also recently suggested that a Tenant Scrutiny Review should be carried out on the ‘Condition and Cleanliness of Communal Areas’ and as a result, the communal cleaning contractor has now changed, resulting in a better service for tenants. This will continue to be monitored by Pine Court.