Rent is the charge made by Pine Court Housing to live in one of their properties. All Pine Court rents are based on a fixed formula set by the Government. This takes into account property valuation, local earnings and the size of the property.

In some cases rent may include a service charge to cover things like lift maintenance or communal cleaning.

Please refer to the ‘guide to rent and service charges‘ for more information.

Who pays it?

All tenants have to pay rent and are responsible for ensuring that their rent is paid, whether Housing Benefits make payments on their behalf, or family members have to pay non dependent charges.

Making payments

You can pay your rent to Pine Court using a variety of methods:

  • You can make payments, view rent accounts and book non-emergency repairs conveniently online through My Account
  • Call our office and pay over the phone
  • Online using the allpay service
  • Call us to set up a regular Direct Debit
  • You can make direct payments at the Post Office using your rent card. You can get your rent card from the Pine Court office.
  • Pay at any retail outlet displaying the Paypoint or Payzone sign
  • Standing Order – If you have a bank account you can set up a Standing Order so that your regular rent payments are made directly without any hassle. You can arrange this free service by completing a standing order from the Pine Court office, or downloading the Pine Court Standing Order form.