Pine Court Housing Association joins the race at Lord Mayor’s Dragon Boat Festival

May 20, 2024

Pine Court Housing Association proudly participated in the 50th anniversary Lord Mayor’s Dragon Boat Race, held at Queens Dock’s Liverpool Watersports Centre.

A special thanks goes out to Sovini Trade Supplies, fellow members of The Sovini Group, for their contribution to sponsoring this event. Their support was instrumental in making the anniversary race a success.

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorate the life and death of poet Qu Yuan, who drowned after being banished from the country. Villagers raced boats to retrieve his body and threw rice dumplings to ward off fish. These traditions evolved into the festival’s customs.

The event, which celebrates Chinese culture, kicked off with a vibrant lion dance ceremony. Spectators and participants enjoyed thrilling dragon boat races, delicious Zongzi dumplings, and the rhythmic beat of drums.

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The Liverpool Chinese Students and Scholars Association hosted a variety of cultural activities throughout the day. Participants tried their hand at cord crafting, creating their own Zongzi, exploring clay modelling, and engaging in traditional marble games.

“Colleagues at Pine Court Housing Association thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Boat Race,” said Shaun Williams, Senior Housing Officer.

“We are committed to fostering inclusive and vibrant communities that celebrate diversity. Embracing traditions which celebrate the Chinese culture shared by many of our colleagues, residents, and partner organisations, is an experience we all truly value. We look forward to participating in this event again next year.”

All proceeds raised will support the Lord Mayor’s chosen charity, Local Solutions and its AIMS project, which provides vital support to vulnerable young people.

Stuart McLinden, Head of Operations at Sovini Trade Supplies added;

“We were delighted to be a sponsor of the Lord Mayor’s 50th anniversary Dragon Boat Race. It was a fantastic celebration of Chinese culture and a great opportunity to support both our colleagues and the communities we serve. We were particularly proud to contribute to the Lord Mayor’s chosen charity, which provides vital support to vulnerable young people. The event aligned perfectly with our ongoing commitment to creating positive social impact within the Liverpool City Region.” 

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