Feedback is important to us as it helps to shape our services. If you want to share a suggestion, give a compliment or make a complaint please contact us here.

What is a suggestion?

This is a comment about how we can improve our services. We will report the types of suggestions we receive and what we are doing as a result in our tenant newsletter and on our website. We value your feedback as an opportunity to improve the quality of our service.

What is a compliment?

If you feel you want to make a positive comment about an individual, team or service, we will treat this as a compliment. We welcome all compliments, as these help us to identify where we are performing well and share this good practice with other parts of our organisation.

What is a complaint?

If you are unhappy about a service you have received from us, for example if you are upset about the attitude of a member of staff, or you feel that a service standard, policy or procedure has not been met, or a contractor fails to attend an appointment, you can make a complaint.

In the event you would like to make a complaint we would recommend that you talk to us first by contacting the team who dealt with your initial enquiry. They will try to resolve your complaint for you on the spot. If you still feel aggrieved you can make a formal complaint.

We are happy to communicate with you in the way that you prefer.  This could be in writing, over the phone, in person, or by email.

If you do not wish to make the complaint yourself, we are happy to deal with someone who will represent you.  This may be a local official, family member, or other body such as an advocate.  You may need to give us permission if your complaint concerns sensitive information.

Complaints do not include the following:

  • Eligibility for independent living following a needs and risk assessment
  • Decisions on investments or adaptation work
  • Decisions to allow ‘Right to Buy’ and ‘Right to Acquire’ applications
  • Service charges for tenants and leaseholders

Investigating your complaint or appeal

You can make an official complaint or appeal, in the following ways:

We will acknowledge your complaint or appeal within two working days and give you a full response within 10 working days.

Escalating your complaint or appeal

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint or appeal, you can request a further review of your complaint.

You can do this in the same way that you made your original complaint or appeal.

We will acknowledge this in writing within two days, and aim to respond fully within 10 working days. Your response will also include an explanation of what you can do if you are still unhappy.

What is an appeal?

In instances where you wish to contest a decision made in line with PCHA’s published policies or procedures, you may raise an appeal. A non exhaustive list of issues you may appeal include:

  • Eligibility for independent living following a needs and risk assessment
  • Decisions on investments or adaptation work
  • Decisions to allow ‘Right to Buy’ and ‘Right to Acquire’ applications
  • Service charges for tenants and leaseholders

Contacting a Designated Person

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint review, you may contact a ‘Designated Person’ (as defined by the Localism Act 2011) and they will attempt to resolve your complaint. This includes your local Councillor, any MP, or the Tenant Mediation Panel.

The Tenant Mediation Panel is a group of Pine Court Housing Association tenants who have been recognised by Pine Court Housing Association to independently look at complaints after they have been through the complaints process, with a view to helping resolve issues.

You can contact the Tenant Mediation Panel on their e-mail and details of your councillor or an MP are available on the internet or available at your local library.

Contacting the Housing Ombudsman Service

At any point during the complaint process you can contact the Housing Ombudsman, who may be able to offer assistance whilst PCHA investigate your complaint.

If you have completed both stages of the complaint process and approached a designated person or the Tenant Mediation Panel and feel they are unable to assist in resolving the complaint, then they will refer your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman. This is an independent and free national service, which investigates complaints against Registered Housing providers.

If you do not wish to contact a designated person then you may contact the Housing Ombudsman directly, however, you must wait eight weeks from the end of the complaints process.

You can contact the Independent Housing Ombudsman at:

Housing Ombudsman Service

PO Box 152

Liverpool L33 7WQ

Telephone: 0300 111 3000


In July 2020 the Housing Ombudsman released a Complaint Handling Code to enable us to resolve complaints raised by our residents quickly and to use the learning from complaints to drive service improvements. In order for PCHA to be compliant with the new code we have completed a self-assessment form. We will re-visit the self-assessment form at the end of every financial year to make sure we stay compliant with the new code.

Find out more about our Complaints Policy on our policy page here.

Tenant Complaint Champions

Tenant Complaint Champions are a group of tenants who have volunteered to assist customers who require a little help throughout the complaint process. This might include help with getting your complaint across, accompanying you at any meetings, or just someone to have a chat with.

If you would like to speak to one of the Champions, you can contact us.